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Together with Love 10K

28th Anniversary!! Kids' Run begins at 8:15 am, 10K and 5K begin 9:00 am. All participants are eligible for a prize drawing and refreshments. For the second year, participants receive, a long-sleeved performance safety t-shirt included in the registration fee for all 5K and 10K participants. Divisions for 10K and 5K include: 8 and under, 9-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and above. Run with a partner in the 10K for a chance to win in the pairs category. Awards are three deep. This is the 8th year for a 1K kids' fun run starting at 8:15 am for kids age 10 and under. Each child crossing the finish line will receive a medal & goody bag.

Division Clock Time Name Age State/Country
Overall Male Winner 36:31 Oscar Juarez 24 Seaside, CA
2nd Male Finisher 36:50 Sam Lavorato 14 Salinas, CA
3rd Male Finisher 37:08 Juan Rivera 35 Salinas, CA
4th Male Finisher 38:35 Benny Vega 17 Avenal, CA
5th Male Finisher 38:36 Lucas Vessey 29 Soquel, CA
6th Male Finisher 38:39 Mark Moehling 26 Monterey, CA
7th Male Finisher 38:42 Sean Curry 47 Salinas, CA
8th Male Finisher 39:09 Tomas Casas 30 Seaside, CA
9th Male Finisher 39:12 Gregorio Reyes 38 Pacific Grove, CA
10th Male Finisher 39:41 Jeff Soares 51 Aptos, CA
Overall Female Winner 42:19 Lisa Miller 49 Pacific Grove, CA
2nd Female Finisher 42:23 Suzanne Forzetting 34 Salinas, CA
3rd Female Finisher 42:49 Stella Gibbs 56 Pacific Grove, CA
4th Female Finisher 43:28 Lan Clayton 47 Salinas, CA
5th Female Finisher 43:47 Julia Benson 29 Monterey, CA
6th Female Finisher 44:12 Nina Grimeland 31 Salinas, CA
7th Female Finisher 44:17 Brita Bruemmer 38 Pacific Grove, CA
8th Female Finisher 44:34 Paige Collin 24 Salinas, CA
9th Female Finisher 46:37 Kate Conway 30 Monterey, CA
10th Female Finisher 48:13 Allyson McKechnie 25 Monterey, CA

2015 Age-Group Winning Times · 2015 Results · 2014 Results · 2013 Results · 2012 Results · 2011 Results

Division Chip Time Name State/Country Age Age-Graded
1st Men 40-49 38:43 Sean Curry Salinas, CA 47 77.40
2nd Men 40-49 40:37 Michael Clark Salinas, CA 48 74.39
3rd Men 40-49 41:13 Thomas Sampson Pacific Grove, CA 44 71.05
1st Men 50-59 44:59 David Anderson Aptos, CA 51 68.80
2nd Men 50-59 45:21 Henry Pretzer Marina, CA 53 69.35
3rd Men 50-59 46:43 Thomas Hannah Watsonville, CA 55 68.46
1st Men 60-69 41:43 Jim Tiffany Salinas, CA 60 80.02
2nd Men 60-69 42:33 Jerry Thomas Salinas, CA 60 78.46
3rd Men 60-69 44:04 Bobby McGee Watsonville, CA 65 79.24
1st Men 70+ 49:44 David Cortez Seaside, CA 70 73.76
2nd Men 70+ 54:50 Bob Lord San Jose, CA 76 73.22
3rd Men 70+ 1:18:26 Stuart Sargisson Carmel, CA 75 50.28
1st Women 40-49 42:19 Lisa Miller Pacific Grove, CA 49 80.19
2nd Women 40-49 43:28 Lan Clayton Salinas, CA 47 76.34
3rd Women 40-49 49:24 Lyn Johnson Santa Cruz, CA 49 68.69
1st Women 50-59 42:49 Stella Gibbs Pacific Grove, CA 56 86.69
2nd Women 50-59 44:17 Brita Bruemmer Monterey, CA 54 81.63
3rd Women 50-59 49:55 Beverly Zalan Monterey, CA 56 74.36
1st Women 60-69 56:51 Valerie Wheadon Salinas, CA 65 74.17
2nd Women 60-69 1:00:51 Maria Mata Castrovilloe, CA 64 68.26
3rd Women 60-69 1:04:08 Patty Lewis Dos Palos, CA 62 62.89
1st Women 70+ 1:23:54 Lisa Sargisson Carmel, CA 74 58.20
2nd Women 70+ 1:32:00 Jane Williams Carmel Valley, CA 70 49.60

Course Description

Flat, scenic with goregous views of the Monterey Peninsula.

At A Glance
Best Road Races
LocationPacific Grove, California
Race Distance10K
Race Date 2016February 7, 2016
  Race Date 2015  February 8, 2015
  Race Date 2014  February 9, 2014
  Race Date 2013  February 10, 2013
  Race Date 2012  February 12, 2012
  Race Date 2011  January 13, 2011
Years Running30
2015 Total Finishers396
Age Group Awards10 Year
Associated Races5k, Kids Race
Entry Fee34.00
Race ResultsLink to Results
Online RegistrationUSATF Certified

Best Road Races Course Rating: Average

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Race Profile

Recommended by: Bob Anderson
This is more of a local race but it deserves to be on the list for several reasons. First of all, the course runs right along the pacific ocean and probably one of the most beautiful race course in the country. Second of all, you can run the 10k as a couple and times are added together for scoring. That's unique. Third of all, the hand made medals in the shape of a heart is unique. Plus there are 1k kids races where the kids can actually race. Have run this at least 15 times and would recommend it to anyone. Normally it is the same weekend as the AT&T golf tournament too! Plus this race raises money for the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center.

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Together with Love 5K

Top Male Finisher: Jair Sanchez, 17:22

Top Female Finisher: Elizabeth Medina, 23:35

2015 Race Winners · 2013 Results · 2012 Results · 2011 Results

Division Clock Time Name Age State/Country
Overall Male Winner 17:22 Jair Sanchez 41 Seaside, CA
2nd Male Finisher 18:55 Mohammed Ali 15 Avenal, CA
3rd Male Finisher 18:56 Alex Singleton 19 Monterey, CA
4th Male Finisher 19:02 Marcos Soltero 15 Monterey, CA
5th Male Finisher 19:15 Ben Balester 40 Monterey, CA
6th Male Finisher 19:29 Victor Juare 29 Monterey, CA
7th Male Finisher 19:44 Paul Smith 20 Monterey, CA
8th Male Finisher 21:00 Anthony Stonehouse 46 Pacific Grove, CA
9th Male Finisher 21:30 Ryan Harvey 29 Monterey, CA
10th Male Finisher 21:58 Eliazar Gandara 19 Gonzales, CA
Overall Female Winner 23:35 Elizabeth Medina 23 Watsonville, CA
2nd Female Finisher 24:07 Makenna Williamson 13 Monterey, CA
3rd Female Finisher 24:29 Isabel Alrauter 37 Monterey, CA
4th Female Finisher 24:55 Sara MacHado 28 Salinas, CA
5th Female Finisher 25:04 Leticia Hernandez 57 Santa Cruz, CA
6th Female Finisher 25:07 Dora Rosenbaum 36 Pacific Grove, CA
7th Female Finisher 25:07 Adriana Moreno 26 Salinas, CA
8th Female Finisher 25:38 Heidi Haussermann 56 Pacific Grove, CA
9th Female Finisher 25:40 Yuliana Mendez 26 Monterey, CA
10th Female Finisher 25:51 Shirley Coly 49 Monterey, CA

2015 Age-Group Winning Times

Division Chip Time Name State/Country Age Age-Graded
Men 40-49 17:22 Jair Sanchez Seaside, CA 41 79.17
#2 Men 40-49 19:15 Ben Balestar Monterey, CA 40 70.91
#3 Men 40-49 21:00 Anthony Stonehouse Pacific Grove, CA 46 68.02
Men 50-59 25:10 Jaime Fernandez Soledad, CA 53 60.07
#2 Men 50-59 25:34 Gonzalo Barragan Monterey, CA 56 60.63
#3 Men 50-59 28:16 Jack Jackson Monterey, CA 56 54.83
Men 60-69 23:43 Frederick Menezes Monterey, CA 63 69.43
#2 Men 60-69 24:16 John Hofacre Capitola, CA 62 67.24
#3 Men 60-69 27:25 John Kane Watsonville, CA 61 59.03
Men 70+ 30:33 Gary Fishburn Pacific Grove, CA 70 57.72
#2 Men 70+ 31:54 Bob Kelley Monterey, CA 70 55.28
#3 Men 70+ 33:33 Tom Jones Monterey, CA 76 57.48
Women 40-49 25:51 Shirley Coly Monterey, CA 49 64.09
#2 Women 40-49 26:08 Alice Cervantes Salinas, CA 45 60.78
#3 Women 40-49 28:11 Jerrie Avilla Wilton, CA 49 58.78
Women 50-59 25:04 Leticia Hernandez Santa Cruz, CA 57 73.20
#2 Women 50-59 25:38 Heidi Haussermann Pacific Grove, CA 56 70.61
#3 Women 50-59 27:21 Carmen Hoyo Monterey, CA 55 65.33
Women 60-69 28:30 Helen Ogden Pacific Grove, CA 61 68.07
#2 Women 60-69 29:36 Karen Park King City, CA 61 65.54
#3 Women 60-69 32:26 Michelle Brown Aptos, CA 65 63.46
Women 70+ 38:45 Anne Goode Pacific Grove, CA 71 58.41
#2 Women 70+ 40:16 Carol Mikkelsen Seaside, CA 76 61.30
#3 Women 70+ 51:13 Barbara Neyens Modesto, CA 83 56.26
At A GlanceBest Road Races
LocationPacific Grove, California
Race Distance5K
Race Date 2016February 7, 2016
  Race Date 2015  February 8, 2015
  Race Date 2014  February 9, 2014
  Race Date 2013  February 10, 2013
  Race Date 2012  February 12, 2012
  Race Date 2011  February 13, 2011
Years Running30
2015 Total Finishers635
Age Group Awards10 Year
Other Races10k, Kids Race
Entry Fee34.00
Race ResultsLink to Results
Online RegistrationUSATF Certified

Race Profile

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